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6 Things You Should Not Do If You Are Considering Bankruptcy

In some instances, bankruptcy may be the only solution for one’s current financial situation. When you do proceed with bankruptcy, it is important you do so as effectively and efficiently as possible. Avoiding some of the most common bankruptcy mistakes is essential, and our Mesa bankruptcy attorneys at the Law Office of Harold E. Campbell P.C. will help ensure the process is successful.

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The following are six things you should NOT do if you are considering bankruptcy:

  1. Do not transfer any property or money (Omit comma) as these assets will not remain safe from the bankruptcy process. You may be accused of fraudulent activity.
  2. Do not pay off any of your debts before you file without talking to your attorney first. This could be construed as a preferential transfer which could delay your filing and discharge
  3. Do not use your credit cards, regardless of what it is for. No shopping, no clothing, no electronics, etc. Using your debit card is acceptable.
  4. Do not file a lawsuit without consulting your attorney.
  5. Do not accept any future payments from inheritances, etc. without consulting your attorney.

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