Factors you should consider in hiring a bankruptcy attorney

Hiring a bankruptcy attorney is a big deal. An incorrect bit of advice can have serious consequences. In my opinion, fees and good sales technique shouldn’t be determining factors in making the choice. This is my short list of what should be:

1. How many cases has the attorney personally been responsible for?

2. How many chapter 13 cases has the attorney aided to confirmation?

3. Does the attorney file claims against creditors in consumer cases?

4. Does the attorney litigate, i.e. file motions, appear in Court for hearings etc?

5. How long has the attorney been practicing and practicing consumer bankruptcy law?

6. Does the attorney personally meet with you more than once, personally prepare documents and discuss your options personally after the analysis is complete, or turn most work over to paralegals?

7. Does the attorney or staff “sell” bankruptcy to you or educate you about your options and the pros and cons of each?

8. Is the attorney directly accessible, or do you have to move through “guardians” to reach him or her?

9. Bar Complaints?