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Whether you’re looking at a mountain of debt that slowly grew over the years or was accrued more quickly due to misfortune or financial mismanagement, Attorney Campbell from the Law Office of Harold E. Campbell P.C. can help you find debt relief and financial freedom.

As an Arizona lawyer with more than 45 years of serving clients under his belt, Attorney Campbell helps his clients find a way forward by helping them file for bankruptcy or establishing tax resolutions.

His services allow clients facing uncertain financial futures feel more secure knowing that someone can help them find a way toward rebuilding their lives without losing everything they’ve gained.

When you’re ready to talk to an attorney in Arizona who can help your financial situation, contact the Law Office of Harold E. Campbell P.C. online or call (480) 568-2333.

Legal Services We Offer

At the Law Office of Harold E. Campbell P.C., Attorney Campbell helps his clients resolve matters concerning bankruptcy and tax resolution.


Sometimes the path toward financial freedom requires the hard reboot that only bankruptcy can provide.

We help clients with the following bankruptcy matters:

Any of the services above can help you achieve your fresh start, but you must first reach out to an attorney in Arizona, like Attorney Campbell, who can help.

Tax Resolution

If the Internal Revenue Service wants to collect on unpaid taxes you cannot afford, contact an attorney immediately for help with tax resolution.

At the Law Office of Harold E. Campbell P.C., we offer resources and services that can help you such as:

Reach out to the Law Office of Harold E. Campbell P.C. online or call us (480) 568-2333 if you want to learn more about our services or find out how we can help your situation.

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