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Determine If You Qualify for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Debt Repayment Plans to Help Reduce Your Burden

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: Debt Reorganization

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is an option that is often pursued by people who do not qualify for Chapter 7, or have assets they would lose in a Chapter 7, but are still overwhelmed by debt. Chapter 13 allows them to make court-supervised payments over a specified period of time. These payments are reviewed and approved by the court and are tied to a person's ability to pay. It is often used by our clients who operate their own business.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy can also allow you to:

  • Consolidate your debt into manageable monthly payments
  • Reduce or eliminate your interest
  • Protect your assets and keep your home/car
  • Regain control of your debt

At Campbell & Coombs, P.C., we carefully guide each client through the Chapter 13 process. We understand that the process can be stressful, and we can walk you through every step. Our team is focused on achieving the best possible results and helping you move closer to a debt-free future.

Remove the Weight of Debt from Your Life

Debt can feel like dragging around a heavy, iron anchor — a weight that keeps you from reaching financial security. You may be stuck living paycheck to paycheck, paying a few hundred dollars to one creditor and a few hundred to another. You may be depleting your savings supporting a failing business or juggling the mortgages on multiple real estate holdings.

It's never enough, and the anchor keeps you from getting anywhere. But you don’t have to suffer through your debt alone – our bankruptcy attorneys at Campbell & Coombs, P.C. fight financial problems with creative legal solutions. We guide debtors through the bankruptcy process, making sure that things go smoothly. The result? Our clients are able to leave debt behind and move forward into sound financial situations.

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Testimonials From Our Clients

  • “You are a very knowledgeable, concerned and efficient attorney.”

    Joy B.

  • “Very responsive to our needs and questions and got great results!”

    Mike L.

  • “Helping me understand the questions and procedures was very helpful.”

    Sandy B.

  • “We felt safe and sure that they would fight on our behalf and they did. ”

    Butch K.

  • “Everyone has always been very courteous and extremely helpful.”

    Deborah M.

  • “Thanks again for getting us through a difficult time.”

    Lisa S.

  • “His kind ways and professional approach were so refreshing.”

    Butch K.

  • “We are now able to move forward in our medical practice and are becoming financially successful.”

    Dr. R.

  • “Your team has changed my life in a positive way forever! ”

    Rich W.

  • “I would recommend their services to anyone who needed it.”

    Mary B.

  • “He was always ahead of the game and answered our questions before we could ask them.”

    Yvonne W.

  • “Ms. Sandoval has been really helpful and truly caring about our situation.”

    Craig M.

  • “He is very knowledgeable and kept me informed. His relationship skills, responsiveness, quality of service and value for money is a cut above. ”

    Chris D.

  • “They helped us budget and find the best way to complete the plan.”

    Alice I.

  • “Mr. Campbell is incredibly knowledgeable on all aspects of the law and makes you feel comfortable throughout the entire process. ”

    John L.

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