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Protecting Your Paychecks against IRS Garnishment

Are you facing tax problems in your personal or professional life? Did you recently receive a notice of an IRS levy against your paycheck? Is a levy emptying out your bank account faster than you can fill it?

If you owe past-due taxes, the IRS can use a levy to drain your bank account or take about 80 percent of each paycheck before you ever see a penny. Don't fall for flashy advertisements from out-of-state scam artists. As soon as you receive notice of a tax lien or levy, contact the experienced and skilled Phoenix tax levy lawyer at the Law Office of Harold E. Campbell P.C. for assistance.

Let’s find a way to stop your IRS tax levy. Learn more by contacting an attorney for stopping IRS tax levies in Phoenix at the Law Office of Harold E. Campbell P.C. today: (480) 568-2333.

How to Challenge a Tax Levy on Your Paycheck in Phoenix

When you face IRS collection problems, we can meet with you in person, educate you about your legal options, and help you stop the taxing agency from taking any more of your money.

Some of your options for stopping a tax levy include the following:

  • If the levy is already in place, we can request a suspension of the levy while we help you negotiate an offer in compromise, or an offer to resolve your debt for less than what you owe
  • If you do not qualify for an offer in compromise, we can help you negotiate an IRS installment agreement, partial payment installment agreement or agreement for delayed payment
  • If your tax debt is three or more years old and it has been at least two years since you filed your last tax return, we can help you file bankruptcy, which stops the levy and any other collection attempts from your creditors automatically
  • We can determine if you can make a case for financial hardship or prove your assets have no equity, and help you gather the necessary financial documentation to build your case
  • We can go over your options with the Fresh Start Program, an option for debtors who owe $25,000 or less in back taxes
  • If you believe your tax levy was added in error, we can help you with appealing the levy - this must be done within 30 days from the time you are notified by the IRS of your levy, so act fast

At the Law Office of Harold E. Campbell P.C., our attorney for stopping IRS tax levies in Phoenix will walk you through your situation and options available to you.

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