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Resolving Tax Problems, Liens & Levies

There is perhaps nothing more frightening than owing taxes to the Internal Revenue Service or the State of Arizona. They have collection powers far beyond what normal non-tax creditors have.

The IRS and the State of Arizona can:

  • Place a lien on your home or other assets
  • Levy your paycheck or bank accounts
  • Even shut down your business

These great powers, however, can still be controlled or the taxes you owe reduced or eliminated in several ways. Whether you owe income taxes for previous years, business sales tax to the State of Arizona, the Law Office of Harold E. Campbell P.C. may be able to help you.

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What Is the Offer in Compromise Program?

Programs exist with both the State of Arizona and the IRS that allow for reasonable payment plans, abatement of penalties, and offers in compromise.

The offer in compromise program allows you to pay off the tax by making a small lump sum payment, or payments of a reduced amount over two years – if you can qualify under the rigid requirements of the program.

You have to use the tax agency’s formulas to your benefit to pull off making an offer in compromise. Our tax resolution attorney in Phoenix understands how the IRS and State of Arizona view offers in compromise, so we can craft the offer to fit their requirements.

Experienced Tax Law Counsel in Arizona

If an offer in compromise cannot work, we then work with the IRS or the State of Arizona in establishing a payment plan or in seeking relief through penalty abatement or innocent spouse treatment.

We also represent clients in releasing tax levies and liens. We have all our clients sign a power of attorney, which allows us to deal directly with the IRS or the State of Arizona, so you will never have to talk with them.

Additionally, we handle tax litigation cases.

Our tax resolution lawyer in Phoenix offers trusted insight for:

The most important step in resolving your tax problems is to consult with a qualified local professional as soon as possible.

How The Law Office of Harold E. Campbell P.C. Can Help You

Media is flooded with advertisements from companies touting fresh start programs, but these are almost all veiled references to offers in compromise by out-of-state agencies, and we have never had a client give us a positive comment about them.

They tend to take a large retainer from you after making big promises before they reviewed your case, and then they are unable to deliver.

When you meet face-to-face with us, we can tell you what your chances for success are right then and there. We can also help you devise alternative plans if the offer in compromise is not the solution.

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