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Can I Keep My Bankruptcy Filing a Secret?

Most people filing for bankruptcy would prefer that the entire process is kept under lock and key. Unfortunately, it is a matter of public record, so if anyone wanted to know whether you filed for bankruptcy, they could do so rather easily.

Even if there were a way to keep the bankruptcy from the public eye, there are scenarios that require the disclosure of the bankruptcy filing to friends or family members no matter what. The most common are:

1. If you lent money or gave money or assets to a friend or member of the family, you would probably need to disclose the loan or the gift to the bankruptcy court, thus making it public record. The family member or friend that received the gift or the loan would probably be contacted by the trustee.

2. If the family member or friend lent you money, they will have to be notified as a creditor during the bankruptcy case. There is no ability to “leave out” creditors. Your entire financial picture must be disclosed.