We competently represent those overwhelmed with debt

When Arizona residents begin their jobs, they imagine that they can now enjoy the finer things in life and spend their money as they wish. Getting overwhelmed with debt is many times the last thing they imagine happening to them, as they are earning a steady monthly income. But due to expected and unexpected reasons, they might find themselves facing financial difficulties and unable to make ends meet despite working hard to keep a roof over their head. One of the options available to such people is the wage earner's bankruptcy plan, also known as Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Though Chapter 13 bankruptcy offers debtors a welcome respite, the law surrounding it has gone through some changes and is quite complex. Since it is essential for a successful filing to be submitted correctly and contain accurate paperwork, it may be in one's best interest to consult experienced professionals, such as those at our firm.

Lawyers at our firm understand that, despite making wise financial decisions, it is still possible for people to find themselves struggling to get by. In these situations, rather than paying one creditor a little bit and another creditor some more, lawyers at our firm discussion all possible financial solutions and guide them through their options. If one decides to file for bankruptcy, then we use our experience, gleaned through years of successful legal representation, to work with people to figure out the best plan for their individual circumstances.

We want to help struggling individuals leave their debt behind and achieve financial stability. To learn more about how we may be able to achieve such an outcome, consult our Chapter 13 page.