We can help rebuild credit after a bankruptcy filing

Often, Arizona residents struggling with credit card debt for various reasons -- including those mentioned in last week's post -- continue to make minimum payments, rack up interest and impact their credit score, all in fear of worsening their credit score by declaring bankruptcy. Lawyers at our firm often deal with the misconception that it is not possible to rebuild credit after bankruptcy. However, the truth is that people are solicited for credit cards and car loans within days of filing for bankruptcy.

Many people falter in rebuilding credit because they are unaware of what steps to take. Lawyers at our firm can help with that and guide debtors through the process that could begin with getting a secured credit card with a local credit union. A secured credit card is obtained by depositing money with the bank and then only being up to spend up to that amount. After maintaining that card for a certain period of time, it may be possible to receive an unsecured credit card -- one where credit is extended without depositing money in advance.

Filing for bankruptcy allows debtors to rebuild their financial life, with a possibly better credit score than what they had previously -- filers with jobs can rebuild credit within two years and often become eligible to buy a house within two years as well. Lawyers at our firm not only guide debtors through the process of filing for bankruptcy but can also guide people through the necessary steps to restore credit after bankruptcy.

We also understand that people may hesitate to get credit cards or take loans again and we discuss those options with debtors as well. For more on credit score and bankruptcy, visit our web page.