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Bankruptcy Options for Businesses & Individuals in Arizona

If you have exhausted your 401(k) to save your business, if you have taken out personal loans to keep things together, and if you just can't do it anymore, you should know you have options. The Law Office of Harold E. Campbell P.C. represents Arizona businesses and individuals in Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Many people are surprised to learn that Chapter 11 is not just for businesses. Individuals can use Chapter 11 as a tool to get rid of unmanageable debt while retaining needed assets.

Don’t hesitate to contact our Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorney in Phoenix for guidance on if this form of bankruptcy is right for you or your business. Call us today for help at (480) 568-2333!

How to File Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

This chapter of the bankruptcy code is the most complicated of the bankruptcies. Here at the Law Office of Harold E. Campbell P.C., we understand this complex process and have obtained confirmed Chapter 11 plans for both our corporate and individual clients.

How Does Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Work?

For many business owners, losing the business is just not an option. Working with a Chapter 11 attorney in Phoenix can allow them to keep their businesses while getting rid of overwhelming debt. Chapter 11 provides for a "reorganization" that allows parties to keep assets while going through the bankruptcy process. It allows them to pay their debt over an extended period of time while preserving assets.

People file Chapter 11 when they cannot meet the qualifications for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. This form of bankruptcy is often used by individuals with real estate holdings to modify the mortgages on their properties and avoid foreclosure.

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To discuss filing for bankruptcy, call our Chapter 11 lawyer in Phoenix at (480) 568-2333 today or contact us online. Due to the complexity of Chapter 11 bankruptcies, we do charge a nominal fee for a two-hour consultation.

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