Working with you to discharge debt, end harassment

Overwhelming debt brings with it many headaches, such as figuring out how to stretch the budget next month or how to make the next monthly payment on a bill. While struggling to make ends meet, the last thing many Arizona residents may want is a constant reminder that they owe someone money, especially if the person making the reminders has begun to harass the debtor, which is often the case. As mentioned in last week's blog post, one way to end creditor harassment is by declaring Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Often debt collectors use unfair practices, calling not only the debtor at odd hours of the day but also their family members or even their place of employment. Not only does the debtor have to deal with the stress of their debt, they may also have to deal with the embarrassment of having to explain their private financial matters to other. However, with lawyers at our firm, they do not have to worry about such matters, as we realize that financial problems happen due to a variety of reasons and many of them are often out of the debtor's own control, such as an illness or loss of job.

Filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition not only is a step towards wiping out debt, it also grants immediate relief from creditor harassment. This in itself is a great benefit for those who have begun to avoid answering the phone.

Lawyers at our firm work towards making their clients feel comfortable in discussing their problems with them and then work on a solution based on their individual needs. No two cases are alike and lawyers at our firm do not treat them so. For more information on Chapter 7 bankruptcy, visit our webpage.