Blog Posts in November, 2014

  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy an option for discharging taxes

    Though it is every citizen's duty to pay taxes annually, there are probably some Arizona residents who struggle with fulfilling this obligation at the end of the year. Rather than run from this duty, one of the options available to those who are unable to pay their taxes or have accumulated taxes over previous years is to file for bankruptcy. One of the federal protections available to those ...
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  • Complete prerequisite requirements when filing for bankruptcy

    Making the decision to declare personal bankruptcy, whether it is Chapter 7 or 13, is not an easy one. It involves coming to terms with not being able to pay creditors and losing possession of some assets, but it also brings relief as Arizona debtors begin to regain control of their financial life. Once the decision is made, there are certain formalities that must be fulfilled before the ...
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  • Once my debt is discharged, can it be revoked?

    When a debtor is no longer personally responsible for paying certain types of debt, those debts are considered discharged. It is a permanent order that forbids creditors from either taking any more action against the debtor or even from communicating with the debtor regarding that debt. Depending on the type of bankruptcy Arizona residents have filed for, the timing of discharge varies. In a ...
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  • Working with you to discharge debt, end harassment

    Overwhelming debt brings with it many headaches, such as figuring out how to stretch the budget next month or how to make the next monthly payment on a bill. While struggling to make ends meet, the last thing many Arizona residents may want is a constant reminder that they owe someone money, especially if the person making the reminders has begun to harass the debtor, which is often the case. As ...
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  • Personal bankruptcy becomes issue in political campaign

    In Mesa and throughout the state, many people face financial challenges that make filing for bankruptcy the wisest option to help them get through it. It is not a decision that is meant to shirk one's responsibility to debtors, but one that is designed to meet one's obligations while staying on sound financial footing. Financial matters can be complex and having to go through a personal bankruptcy ...
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