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Filing for bankruptcy to stave off creditors' claims

As mentioned previously on this blog, bankruptcies are declining across the state of Arizona. Financial stability and economic progress brings with it the comfort of knowing where the next paycheck is coming from, and may be the reason borrowing has increased again, as people are more confident of their earning abilities.

Even though unemployment is one of the main reasons people face financial challenges, there are also other unexpected life changes, such as a sudden health problem or the death of the primary wage earner, which could cause a financial disaster. It is not possible to budget for these considerations every month, and the sudden strain on finances may lead people to become overwhelmed with debt. As unpaid bills pile up, people may look for various unreliable methods to get debt relief, all the while ignoring the federal protection given to them under the umbrella of bankruptcy.

Debtors often shy away from talking about their financial problems, but the lawyers at our firm understand a myriad of factors can lead to financial problems, not all of which are the debtor's fault, and in fact may be totally outside the debtor's control. We have experience in a vast range of bankruptcy litigation, including proving the debt being discharged was obtained through legitimate means.

Hard working people who made all the right financial decisions can still find themselves floundering after an unexpected life change, and we understand the importance of living a life free of creditor claims. We aim to provide our clients with the advice they need and work to find a solution that fits their specific situation. For more on personal bankruptcy, visit our webpage.