Blog Posts in July, 2015

  • Avoid mortgage debt relief scams

    When life gets tough and Arizona residents are facing problems such as unemployment, wage garnishment and missed payments on various bills, the one place they may find comfort is in their home. That's why when there is threat of repossession of the home due to missed mortgage payments, Arizona residents may find themselves doing anything they can to find debt relief, including falling victim to ...
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  • Filing for bankruptcy to stave off creditors' claims

    As mentioned previously on this blog, bankruptcies are declining across the state of Arizona. Financial stability and economic progress brings with it the comfort of knowing where the next paycheck is coming from, and may be the reason borrowing has increased again, as people are more confident of their earning abilities. Even though unemployment is one of the main reasons people face financial ...
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  • Number of people filing for bankruptcy in Arizona drops

    In Maricopa and across the entire state of Arizona, financial challenges are unavoidable. In years past, many people have had to try to get back on stronger financial footing by filing for bankruptcy. Given the fluctuating state of financial matters, this is often the sensible choice. When there is a struggling economy and unemployment for one reason or another, people may fall behind on their ...
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  • Which debts are inheritable in Arizona?

    When Arizona residents lose a loved one, the last thing they want to think about is the debts that person has left behind, but with debt collectors threatening to circle them it may have to be the first thing that they deal with. The surprising truth is that more and more seniors are facing financial problems, and a recent study found that the fastest portion of people filing for bankruptcy is ...
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  • Are retirement accounts exempt from bankruptcy?

    Compared to other forms of bankruptcy, Chapter 7 is generally faster and more effective in eliminating more types of debt. The tradeoff is that Chapter 7 involves liquidating many assets in order to pay off creditors. It can be intimidating for many people to consider getting rid of a big portion of their assets, even if they know that, in the end, bankruptcy can put them on a much healthier ...
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