A lawyer can help determine eligibility for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Struggling daily to make ends meet is not the way Arizona residents envision spending the rest of their lives. As they cut spending and make budgets so they can make minimum payments on their debts, they may not realize they are doing both their financial and physical health a disservice. Their financial health suffers because they do not get access to the same credit lines those who discharge their debt through bankruptcy do; their physical health suffers because the stress and tension starts to weigh them down and affect their health.

Lawyers at our firm can help Arizona residents discharge their debt through bankruptcy proceedings so that they can focus on improving their physical health. As mentioned previously on the Mesa bankruptcy Law blog, Chapter 7 bankruptcy is one way debtors can discharge most of their debt and wipe out most taxes. In order to determine eligibility, a means test must be met and certain forms of income are taken into consideration to determine if someone can qualify for this.

Although the process offers relief at the end, it is not without complications and the procedure can be delayed if incorrect papers are filed. It is very important that all financial matters are disclosed accurately so that filers do not face legal and criminal problems in the future.

Lawyers at our firm deal with each case personally and on an individual basis to ensure that each person gets the best possible advice for their situation. We understand that financial difficulties result from a myriad of reasons and people need help getting back on their feet. We can provide that help.