Blog Posts in March, 2015

  • Avoid bankruptcy fraud by being thorough and proactive

    Declaring bankruptcy is one way Mesa and Phoenix residents struggling with debt try to make a new beginning for themselves - by wiping out most debts, they are often able to start again with a clean financial slate. Due to the current difficult economic times, there were more than 1.2 million bankruptcy filings for the year 2012. This means that during that year, more than 1.2 million people ...
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  • A lawyer can help determine eligibility for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

    Struggling daily to make ends meet is not the way Arizona residents envision spending the rest of their lives. As they cut spending and make budgets so they can make minimum payments on their debts, they may not realize they are doing both their financial and physical health a disservice. Their financial health suffers because they do not get access to the same credit lines those who discharge ...
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  • The importance of the means test when filing for Chapter 7

    For those in Arizona who are experiencing financial struggles, Chapter 7 bankruptcy is an option that many consider. While Chapter 7 - also referred to as a liquidation - might sound like a viable choice, there are certain factors that must be in place for it to be available to the prospective filer. There is a "means test" that must be met for it to be a choice. Before moving forward with Chapter ...
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  • Busting bankruptcy myths

    Many people across the country, including Arizona residents, may think that struggling with debt and making minimum payments that keep their heads above water, but don't decrease the principal balance owed, is better than declaring bankruptcy. For various reasons, Arizona residents may feel that declaring bankruptcy is equivalent to gaming the system and running away with debt or an immoral act ...
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