Welcome to our new Arizona Bankruptcy Blog

We are attorneys in Mesa Arizona who enjoy writing about debt issues and representing local small businesses and individuals who are having serious tax, business-related or consumer debt problems.

Most of our clients have serious income tax, payroll tax, failed business, medical or credit card debt and are facing IRS levy, lawsuits and sleepless nights.

We are able to help by personally and thoroughly reviewing their financial history, educating them about their best options to deal with the debt, and then helping them do so via Chapter 13 bankruptcy, chapter 7 bankruptcy, dealing with the IRS/Creditor directly, or a combination of bankruptcy and direct representation.

For most, there will be a solution if there is the will to cooperate.

Our desire is that for those with serious debt problems, this blog will be a place to visit as they learn about the law and their options.

We encourage readers to use the search bar, read our take on a question, or shoot us a question to get an answer potentially written about on the blog.

Once you have learned all you can, you can email or call me to talk further about your options.

If you are in trouble, I can help you find a solution.