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Serious credit card debt... can you avoid bankruptcy?

I don’t sell bankruptcy as a commodity. Why?

1. There are other options that may better fit the client’s situation.
2. The client may have personal reasons for choosing to deal with the debt before relying on bankruptcy.
3. Bankruptcy is not always the best option from a financial standpoint. There are situations where the client will lose more financially in bankruptcy than outside it.

Having said that, I must admit that most of those I meet with, come to the conclusion, after review of their own numbers and how the law works, that bankruptcy makes the most financial sense.

A recent article describes a woman with serious credit card debt who has chosen to live on a budget and pay the debt off. No matter her circumstance (she may have more non-exempt asset value than debt or simply doesn’t qualify well for a bankruptcy from an income and budget standpoint) you have to give her some respect for trying.

If you have serious credit card debt, I am not suggesting that you simply disregard bankruptcy as an option.

I do suggest that you sit down with a sharp pencil and clean paper to look closely at your actual income and budget. If it appears that paying the debt back will be difficult, find an experienced bankruptcy attorney who will personally help you understand your options. Preferably, someone who doesn’t sell bankruptcy, but is looking out for your best interests.