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Office Policies

have been counseling and representing clients with serious tax, consumer and business debt problems since 1996. During this time, I’ve developed some specific policies as follows:

1. Limited client numbers

Personalized attention can only happen when the numbers of clients a firm takes on is not more than the Attorney can personally “pay attention” to.

2. A client’s best solution is the goal
A client is supposed to mandate the goal of the representation. I try to take this idea further by asking my clients to discuss with me what they really want. Sometimes this results in finding a solution that does not include my services. That is fine. I don’t “pigeonhole” clients into bankruptcy or any other legal solution.

3. The client is not a “number”

I want my clients to feel that I did my best, win or lose, and to pass that on to their friends and family. A client should feel respected and encouraged by our association with one another.

In order for this to happen, I must know each client’s individual facts and his or her desires and goals as discussed above. This can only be accomplished if I spend real time with the file and with the client. I typically respond personally to each client email and phone call, personally prepare the bankruptcy documents, personally advise and consult with my clients in planning the case, and represent them in court.

4. Technology makes a difference

The office is paper”less”. All documents are digitally stored and backed up. This allows me to practice from wherever there is an internet connection. Faxes, email, and voicemail go with me everywhere I go….almost. Clients email me directly and get answered by me directly.

This is in an attempt to help me work more efficiently, maintain a smaller client base and thereby increase the level of service and personal attention I can give. While keeping the cost of representation reasonable.

5. No fee “games”

I don’t quote low fees in order to get clients to retain the office. No gimmicks and no “teaser” rates. Every client is unique and every situation the client faces is unique. I attempt to maintain a straightforward approach in relation to attorney fees and my relationship with clients.