Blog Posts in December, 2011

  • Mesa shopaholics could shop their way into bankruptcy

    A recent news article about how shopping can become a dangerous compulsion may be of interest to Mesa readers. Many people may not see their shopping sprees as a problem, especially during the holidays; however, the truth of the matter is that shopping can be considered an addiction and it can lead to bankruptcy. In fact, it is so close to being an addiction that it may show up in the 2013 ...
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  • Mesa military members aided with new bankruptcy law

    As troops continue to pull out of out Iraq, Mesa residents may be interested to learn about recent legislation that will affect military members. The new bill allows soldiers in the National Guard and Reserves to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection without undergoing a bankruptcy means test. The bill, The National Guard and Reservist Debt Relief Extension Act, was passed unanimously by the ...
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  • Watch out Mesa, foreclosure wave may roll in

    Mesa homeowners should prepare themselves because the U.S. will be hit by another wave of foreclosures soon, according to a new report. Online foreclosure sale site RealtyTrac warns that while we are currently seeing a slowdown in foreclosure activity, this is simply because the process is bogged down. Soon, a backlog of several million delinquent loans will be processed, giving way to bank ...
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