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  • File for Arizona bankruptcy for emotional and financial relief

    The decision to file for bankruptcy is not an easy one for Arizona residents to make. Keeping in mind their financial difficulties, they have taken the step to restart their financial lives with possibly a fraction of what they owned and owed before. With the relief that comes from getting rid of creditors and wage garnishment, also comes the stress and anxiety of any big decision. Filing for ...
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  • What is automatically stayed in Arizona bankruptcy proceedings?

    Some Arizona residents may consider the automatic stay that comes with filing for bankruptcy one of the biggest advantages of it. An automatic stay puts a halt to any lawsuit that has been filed by a creditor, a government agency or a collection agency against the debtor. This means the debtor has some breathing time in which they can regain their breath, and reorganize their finances without ...
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  • How soon are Arizona debts discharged after filing bankruptcy?

    With financial problems come added issues of wage garnishment, creditor harassment, threat of foreclosure and asset forfeiture. Burdened by debt, Arizona residents may be desperate to take concrete steps to wipe out most of their bills, and these issues simply compound the matter. This is why, once they make the decision to file for bankruptcy, either Chapter 7 or 13, they wonder when their debts ...
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  • When should one file for bankruptcy?

    As the economy picks itself up, many people across the country are also trying to get their finances in order. Across Arizona, the rate of bankruptcies filed is decreasing, a trend that can be seen in Phoenix where bankruptcies fell more than 50 percent in the beginning of 2014 compared to the same period in 2013. However, many people are still struggling with debt and trying to keep their head ...
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  • What are the exemptions for personal property in Arizona?

    Bankruptcy exemptions are provided under both federal and state laws. These exemptions allow those filing for bankruptcy to keep some of their property out of the hands of the bankruptcy trustee. This ensures that following the bankruptcy people are not left destitute or without any personal property. According to the United States Bankruptcy Court, a variety of personal property is exempt. In ...
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