Blog Posts in March, 2012

  • Move to discharge college loans in bankruptcy proceedings

    Arizona residents facing financial difficulties are likely aware they may have the option of filing for personal bankruptcy, discharging most of their debts and beginning fresh. However, students with college loans do not have the same advantage; to date, student loans are not wiped out when filing Chapter 7, potentially leaving Americans even in their golden years to pay off student loans with ...
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  • There are many options for Arizona homeowners who are underwater

    While the economy continues to recover, the truth is that it is not bouncing back at the speed at which many need. Many Mesa area homeowners are still facing foreclosure or are paying mortgages that are higher than the actual market value of their homes. As the value of many Arizona homes has reduced, homeowners are increasingly feeling helpless in the face of their underwater mortgages--when the ...
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  • Arizona bankruptcy filings increase in February

    Phoenix was just one of the cities in Arizona to see an increase in bankruptcy filings in February, up to 1,623 from 1,321 in January. Across the state, 2,160 Arizona residents initiated bankruptcy proceedings in February, compared to 1,795 in January. However, there is good news for Arizona residents, as the figure is still 12 percent lower than that of February 2011. As the economy has improved ...
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  • Arizona lawmakers introduce bill to alleviate mortgage crisis

    New measures are being introduced by various states to counter the housing crisis across the country, which has affected more than 500,000 homeowners in Arizona alone. A foreclosure settlement between the federal government, five major banks and 49 states is also aimed to reign in the crisis and punish the banks, but this settlement has faced criticism for allowing those responsible to avoid ...
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