Blog Posts in August, 2012

  • Bankruptcy filings fall, savings increase across country

    Life-changing events are one of the main reasons that people file for personal bankruptcy. When people are suffering from an unexpected event, like job loss, major illness or even divorce, bankruptcy may prevent them from paying off a debt they have accumulated. Arizona readers of this blog may be aware that consumers often use their credit card to repay certain debts, leading to burdensome credit ...
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  • Credit card debt collection flawed, may affect bankruptcy

    Arizona residents may remember the settlement money banks paid out for errors in the foreclosure process. Unfortunately, the same inaccuracy and flawed documentation seems to be plaguing the credit card debt collection process. With more people falling behind on their credit card payments, borrowers are behind by $18.7 million--roughly three percent of total credit card debt. Lenders are now ...
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  • Gold-medalist's mother filed for bankruptcy to protect home

    Olympic fever may have taken over Arizona residents the same way it took over the whole country, with viewers rushing to watch Gabby Douglas, nicknamed the "Flying Squirrel" for her remarkable performance in gymnastics. The first African-American woman to win an all-around gold medal in gymnastics, the 16-year-old won multiple medals. Though she stands to earn millions of dollars in endorsements, ...
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  • Arizona residents: some tips to lower your medical bills

    You may have heard all the warnings to go over your medical bills carefully to ensure you aren't being double-charged for procedures and, to the extent possible, to get information about the true cost of your medicines, procedures and instruments so you can be in a better bargaining position. Unfortunately, staying on top of your medical bills does not always lower them -- an unexpected or serious ...
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