Blog Posts in April, 2015

  • Let us help you protect your assets

    As someone begins to face financial difficulties, they generally try to do everything in their power to overcome those problems and get their financial problems under control. However, with wages being garnished, creditors circling and assets under threat of forfeiture, Arizona residents may want to consider easing their monetary problems by filing for bankruptcy. As mentioned last week on the ...
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  • Which debts are discharged through bankruptcy?

    Now that the differences between secured and unsecured debt were clarified a bit in last week's post on the Mesa Bankruptcy Law Blog, the next question that Arizona residents may be thinking about is which debt is discharged through bankruptcy. Debtors turn to personal bankruptcy, either Chapter 7 or 13, not only to have most of their debts wiped out but also to avoid asset forfeiture. So it is ...
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  • Understand the difference between unsecured and secured debt

    One may think that all debt is equal and must be repaid to the creditors at the same pace and the same amount, but this is not true. Arizona residents may be surprised to hear that debt can be of two kinds, secured and unsecured, and both are treated differently, both by creditors and during bankruptcy proceedings. Credit cards and student loans are examples or unsecured debt. This debt is ...
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  • What is a bankruptcy trustee and what do they do?

    Arizona residents considering filing for bankruptcy may be aware some of their assets are sold during the Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceeding in order to generate money to pay creditors, but they may not be clear about who does this and the whole procedure. These duties come under the purview of the United States Trustee program and are further delegated to private trustees. The United States Trustee ...
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  • Can I bounce back after bankruptcy?

    Many people struggling with debt avoid filing for bankruptcy because they are unsure of what will happen to them after they file and how long will it take to bounce back. But a celebrity couple who went through the process is now chronicling their journey to assure debtors that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Flex, an actor and comedian who starred in a television series, and his Grammy ...
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