Blog Posts in March, 2013

  • New rule to increase scrutiny on student loan service companies

    Many mortgage servicers and big lenders came under scrutiny recently for the way they handled mortgages during the financial crisis. Many documentation errors were discovered. In fact, Arizona residents may be surprised to hear that even people who did not have mortgages were forced out of their homes. This may have led many innocent people to declare personal bankruptcy because they were unable ...
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  • Working families hit hardest by medical debt, file for bankruptcy

    There are various reasons Arizonians file for bankruptcy, but they may all stem from the same root-total bills, whether they are medical, credit card or mortgage bills, are more than Arizona residents can manage and, according to a study conducted in 2009, the rising cost of medical care contributed to around 60 percent of personal bankruptcies. According to statistics, full-charges at hospitals ...
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  • Review discovers wrongful foreclosures in military

    Arizona residents may have heard about the recent claims of foreclosures abuse conducted by the nation's largest lenders, which alleged that flawed paperwork and poor loan modifications contributed to many of these foreclosure actions. Federal regulators came to a multibillion-dollar deal with these major lenders earlier this year, guaranteeing cash relief to borrowers foreclosed upon in 2009 and ...
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  • What is a zombie foreclosure and how can it affect Arizonans?

    Many Arizona residents have their expected expenses under control, such as credit card bills or utility wages. However, their financial plans may suffer when an unexpected expense, such as an illness or sudden unemployment, hits them. Filing for personal bankruptcy, whether it is Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, may be one way to gain relief from endless obligations and anxiety. Unfortunately, a new breed ...
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