Blog Posts in May, 2012

  • 73-year-old U of Arizona grad has $136,000 student loan debt

    The amount of outstanding student loans surpassed the nation's credit card debt, reaching $1 trillion, in 2011. Those with student loan debt are reportedly delaying buying houses, getting married and having children. And the crisis hasn't only affected young students--co-signing parents or adults returning to college are also affected. According to a recent USA Today report, one 73-year-old ...
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  • Rebuilding credit after filing for bankruptcy in Arizona

    Declaring bankruptcy may be the answer for an Arizona resident struggling with financial difficulties. It provides an opportunity to start afresh and often emerge more financially solid than before. Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies are the two main types of bankruptcy options available to an individual. Filers who continue to collect a sizable income may prefer filing for Chapter 13 ...
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  • 'Octomom' eager for fresh start amid bankruptcy proceedings

    Nadya Suleman, whom Arizona residents may know by her media nickname "Octomom," filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy recently. The mother of 14 children, including octuplets, has said that filing for bankruptcy was one of the most difficult decisions she has made this year. Among her creditors are the city's water department, the school some of her children attend and her father. She also fell behind on ...
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  • Athletes filing for bankruptcy to ease financial burden

    Pro athletes often make far more money than an average person in their lifetime. But, in some respects, these athletes are no different from Arizona residents who have faced financial difficulties for a variety of reasons. Though they come into millions of dollars in a short period of time, more and more athletes are filing for personalbankruptcy as early as five years into their career. Sixty ...
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