Blog Posts in April, 2014

  • Selling items online to avoid bankruptcy

    As the cost of living is on the rise, many baby boomers find themselves working longer than they expected and putting off their retirement because they have been unable to save enough for an easy retirement. The cost of healthcare is on the rise, and these services may be required more by baby boomers than by younger Arizona residents. Many people use their credit cards to pay these bills and do ...
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  • The importance of properly filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

    Married couples and individuals in Arizona often have to make difficult financial decisions. When high-profile couples are dealing with financial problems and debt, the media attention can often make the personal situation very difficult and could increase the emotions and complications they are dealing with. When debt becomes overwhelming, even for those who appear wealthy to the public eye, ...
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  • Supreme Courts considers IRAs bankruptcy exemption

    When a case ends up in the Supreme Court of the United States, one can expect that the decision will have a significant impact on whatever the subject matter is and provide some much needed clarity. One of the issues to come in front of the Supreme Court recently is the disposition of an inherited individual retirement account in bankruptcy proceedings. According to bankruptcy rules, people can ...
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