Blog Posts in September, 2013

  • Debt relief options for Arizona college graduates

    With all the controversy surrounding college loans and their contribution to the unprecedented levels of debt across the country, a bleak picture may have been painted for some Arizona college graduates. However, even though personalbankruptcy does not discharge student loans, debt relief options do exist for some college loans. A public program, known as the Public Service Loan Forgiveness ...
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  • Could declaring bankruptcy invigorate the economy?

    Many people consider putting off declaring bankruptcy because they are unsure which of their assets they will be able to keep. However, they may not be aware that Arizona offers a very comprehensive list of bankruptcy exemptions which allow filers to protect personal property against creditors' claims. Although those in debt are given a break with respect to some debts, Arizona residents declaring ...
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  • How does Chapter 7 handle assets acquired before, after filing?

    Arizona residents may be aware that filing for bankruptcy is one way to restart their financial lives when a debt crisis strikes. However, as familiar as they are with the term, they may not be clear about the rights and obligations that arise from filing for bankruptcy. One form of bankruptcy for which residents of Arizona may file is Chapter 7. A recent story in the news involved a prominent ...
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  • Can bankruptcy laws fix the growing student loan problem?

    For many Arizona college students, the prospects of graduation are both exciting and scary. Most are ready to step out on their own for the first time and find jobs and apartments for which they will be solely responsible. Another item with which many of these newly minted professionals must deal is student loan debt. While private and public loans are often necessary for young people to utilize ...
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