Blog Posts in February, 2014

  • Bank erroneously declares thousands bankrupt

    Arizona residents facing financial difficulties know how important it is to budget their money and try to save as much as possible to avoid missing out on any bill payments. The decision to declare bankruptcy is no easy one, and people make the decision after weighing their overwhelming bills against all the benefits bankruptcy has to offer. However, a bank took that decision away from thousands ...
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  • Medical expenses lead as top cause for personal bankruptcy

    According to a study from 2013 by NerdWallet Health, medical bills are expected to be the number one cause of personal bankruptcies, surpassing both credit card debt and mortgage debt. Research shows that bankruptcies related to medical expenses happen to both people who are uninsured as well as those that are insured. Up to seventy-eight percent of people who file for personal bankruptcy because ...
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  • Can Arizona residents get a mortgage after filing for Chapter 13?

    Many Arizona residents facing financial hardship may shy away from filing for bankruptcy because of the perceived social stigma attached to it. However, many people declare bankruptcy due to factors outside of their control -- an unexpected illness, suddenly losing their job and even the sudden economic recession that affected everyone across the country a few years ago. With the economy slightly ...
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  • Manage debt rather than discharging it

    A lot has been said lately about college loans-the high cost of tuition combined with even higher interest rates often leads many fresh college graduates into financial distress and they scramble to get higher paying jobs that they may not be interested in just to pay off their loans. Unlike a majority of other forms of debt, college loans are not usually discharged through bankruptcy, whether it ...
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  • Debt settlement or bankruptcy?

    Debt is a problem many people across the country are facing. As they see their bills pile up and creditors begin harassment tactics, those with overwhelming debt may begin to consider the various options available to them, including debt settlement and bankruptcy. As Arizona debtors go through the pros and cons of each option, it is important to get as much information as possible because making ...
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