Blog Posts in March, 2014

  • Political candidate files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

    It's not uncommon for people in Maricopa to experience financial issues and to be struggling with debt. One solution frequently used to get a handle on debt problems is Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Many may see filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy as something they would never consider or believe is a tactic some use to shirk their responsibilities. In reality, it is a tool that many have utilized to get a ...
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  • Bankruptcy fraud lands man in jail for 17 years

    Individuals filing for bankruptcy usually do it as a last resort, as they are unable to make ends meet and need assistance in restarting their financial life. Since it puts an automatic stay on foreclosure proceedings and ends wage garnishment and creditor harassment, the federal protection afforded by filing for bankruptcy allows the filer the opportunity to take a deep breath after struggling ...
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  • Bankruptcy fraudulently filed for Arizona company

    Declaring bankruptcy is a major decision that people facing financial difficulties come to after weighing the benefits against the possible perceived disadvantages. Within a few years of emerging from bankruptcy, people can apply and receive credit cards, loans and mortgages. Filing for personal bankruptcy in the form of Chapter 7 can erase many bills and put an automatic stay on foreclosure ...
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  • Mel Gibson's ex files for Chapter 13 bankruptcy

    Bankruptcy can be the result of many factors, many of which are unforeseeable, such as a sudden illness, loss of employment or sudden death of the breadwinner of the family. For some Arizona residents, bankruptcy can even come as the result of a long drawn-out child custody battle. Whether Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, bankruptcy can be a resource for a variety of financial challenges. According to ...
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