Blog Posts in August, 2013

  • What happens if financial difficulties continue after bankruptcy?

    Unfortunately, there is no magic wand Arizona residents can wave to make their financial difficulties go away. Sometimes, even after people file for bankruptcy to overcome their debt, they may find themselves facing financial problems once again. Unexpected situations arise, such as losing a job or diagnosing an illness, and finances may become strained dealing with new problems. Anyone who has ...
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  • Managing debt in your 30s is a good way to avoid bankruptcy

    After graduating college and sometimes pursuing an advanced degree, Arizona residents in their 30s may think they have the whole world at their fingertips. A well-paying job and a house in a nice neighborhood may no longer seem like something in the distance. However, with the collapse of the housing market and the economy, more and more people find themselves straddled with staggering debt in ...
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  • What is Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

    Financial difficulties are problems not only for people who cannot manage money or who make bad monetary decisions-Arizona residents who have lost a family member or are recovering from a severe illness may also be plagued with financial difficulties. For those struggling with debt, the emotional decision to file for bankruptcy is often much more difficult than going through the actual legal ...
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  • Mortgage scheme targeting Arizonians shut down

    When the housing market collapsed, many homeowners discovered that their mortgage payments were higher than the actual market value of their houses. Unable to make ends meet, many homeowners even found themselves facing foreclosure proceedings and eventually lost their homes in the process. In order to avoid the possibility of losing their homes, some homeowners may have ended up turning to ...
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  • Which taxes are wiped out in bankruptcy?

    Arizona residents who are considering filing for bankruptcy may not be aware that their state offers a very comprehensive list of the bankruptcy exemptions that are available. In addition to wiping out most bills while retaining possession of the residential home, car and household items up to a certain monetary value, debtors may also be aware that their taxes can also be wiped out when they file ...
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