Blog Posts in October, 2013

  • Bankruptcy an option for those with medical credit card debt

    Once someone is caught in a web of debt here in Arizona, it may seem impossible for that person to escape. Endless creditor harassment and unrelenting interest rates trap them into debt cycles from which there seems no relief. Such has been the case with many recent developments involving medical credit cards. The worlds of health care and finance combined forces and began pushing lines of credit ...
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  • Those facing foreclosure fears may wish to consider all options

    Those seeking to keep a family home or eliminate the burden of debt have options to consider that may help. Those seeking to stop foreclosure may wish to consider bankruptcy as one of the options available to them. Bankruptcy may be able to help in a couple of different ways. First, filing for bankruptcy causes an automatic stay to go into effect which prevents creditors from taking any further ...
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  • How do bankruptcy proceedings affect divorce proceedings?

    Arizona residents may have noticed that sometimes life changing events come in pairs - a divorce may lead to financial troubles or vice versa. While a divorce puts an end to the legal relationship between the couple, one party may still be held accountable for the other party's debts if certain steps are not taken. When the divorcing couple is also in the middle of bankruptcy proceedings, they ...
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  • FTC fines debt collection agency for creditor harassment

    Arizona residents struggling with debt may be all too familiar with creditor harassment tactics. If the mounting bills were not problematic enough, the ceaseless phone calls threatening legal action add to the stress many debtors feel. And many debtors are not aware that there are certain behaviors a creditor cannot engage in, as they would amount to unfair practices for which they could be held ...
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