Blog Posts in June, 2014

  • What is a bankruptcy exemption in Arizona?

    Even though many Arizona residents may hesitate to ask for help when facing financial difficulties, the reality of the situation is that filing for bankruptcy is a federal protection offered to those who are struggling to make ends meet. It is similar to asking for help from the court - for relief from creditors. Once the debtor files for bankruptcy, a bankruptcy estate is created consisting of ...
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  • Decrease in bankruptcies filed in Phoenix continues

    Dealing with financial challenges is anything but easy. Even when there are some options in dealing with these problems, not all routes offer the best solution for the individual, couple or family. When debt relief is needed, some seek to understand the process of bankruptcy and whether they are able to take this major step. Deciding to take the plunge and file for bankruptcy is not a new thing ...
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  • Creditors file Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition against firm

    Filing for bankruptcy is an option that people struggling to make ends meet can avail to confront overwhelming debt and get control over their finances. Usually, Arizona residents will realize that they are facing financial difficulty and finances are running out of control. To regain that control without losing possession of everything they own, they can file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. After ...
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  • Bankruptcy auction nets millions

    When filing for bankruptcy, Arizona residents may be worried that they will lose everything in the process. Even though a bankruptcy trustee is appointed in Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedings in order to handle the liquidation of assets, the list of bankruptcy exemptions offered in Arizona is very extensive and debtors may be able to retain a number of their assets during the process. When people ...
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