Blog Posts in September, 2015

  • Credit card debt and bankruptcy

    When a couple in Arizona decides to end their marriage, they have to make a number of difficult decisions including how to split the property, time with children and in some instances, spousal maintenance. But one thing they may not keep in mind is their credit card debt, and this is a very important liability to keep in mind because Arizona is a community property state. What does community ...
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  • What is Chapter 7 bankruptcy and who is eligible?

    While bankruptcy as a term is well-known in Arizona, many are not fully aware of the different kinds available. Add in that the idea of avoiding one's debts is one of the stigmas surrounding bankruptcy and it's no wonder that many are not even cognizant of which bankruptcy to choose and who would be eligible. This is why it's important to understand the basics of Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Those who ...
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  • Illnesses more likely to lead to bankruptcies

    Not everyone is as affluent as the celebrities or famous personalities they see on television. Many Arizona residents work hard to make ends meet, and though they face financial difficulties, they manage to keep their heads above water. They often achieve this through financial planning, budgeting and taking care not to spend extra money. In addition to this, they try to save some of their money ...
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  • Bankruptcy and your taxes

    Many Arizona residents may have heard that filing for bankruptcy is one way that most bills and even some taxes are wiped out. But before they consider filing for bankruptcy because of back taxes it is important to know what, exactly, this statement means. Yes, bankruptcy is a way to ease the debt burden many people across the country are facing, but not all taxes and not all bills are discharged ...
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  • Bankruptcy can wipe out debts caused by unexpected life events

    As mentioned in last week's blog post, one of the reasons athletes, and Arizona residents in general, may find themselves facing financial problems is because they did not plan their finances. They didn't balance their current incomes with their expenses, siphoning off some savings on a monthly basis and creating a fund for a rainy day. In addition to this, it is possible that they took the advice ...
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