Blog Posts in November, 2013

  • Entertainer filed for Chapter 7 to move forward in career

    As many Arizona residents may know, financial difficulties can be the result of many factors, some which are out of the debtor's control. In addition to that, financial problems can plague anyone -- not only people struggling to make ends meet but also celebrities and entertainers. The latest entertainer to face financial issues is Aaron Carter, younger brother of Nick Carter of the musical group ...
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  • College loan options after bankruptcy

    Many Arizona residents may already be familiar with the millions of students struggling with college debt. Many of these students or their families are looking into various options to reduce their financial difficulties, including declaring personal bankruptcy. However, what are the options available for those Arizona residents who have already declared bankruptcy and are now applying for college? ...
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  • Woman remains debt-free 20 years after filing for bankruptcy

    Some may view bankruptcy as a last resort and something that should be avoided at all costs. But for many people, this is far from the truth. Arizona residents who have struggled for years with insurmountable debt, ever-climbing interests rates and relentless creditor harassment know that sometimes paying back debts is quite literally impossible. For those people, bankruptcy is an attractive ...
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  • Avoid inconsistencies when filing for bankruptcy

    Bankruptcy should be a smooth process. If a person is honest about assets and finances, they will likely be able to pay back creditors with a repayment plan under Chapter 11 -- or, in a Chapter 7 case, liquidate assets to erase debt. Unfortunately, bankruptcies don't always play out as smoothly as they should, often because of inconsistencies on the debtor's part. By avoiding these ...
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  • For those struggling with debt, bankruptcy may be best option

    Arizona residents should not think of bankruptcy as a defeat or an admission of failure. Rather, it should be thought of in more accurate terms -- as the best option one sometimes has when facing insurmountable debt and endlessly increasing interest rates. Bankruptcy, rather than marking a low point in one's life, is actually more of a turning point, a chance at a new beginning and a shot at a ...
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