Blog Posts in January, 2016

  • What is the homestead exemption in an Arizona bankruptcy?

    When filing for bankruptcy in Arizona, there are many factors that will be worrisome with the entire process. One is which bankruptcy exemptions are available to retain certain assets as the process moves forward. It is important to understand the homestead exemption and what it entails. In general, a homestead is a dwelling in which the land and buildings are occupied by the owner. The homestead ...
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  • Understanding Chapter 7 and the right to a discharge

    For those in Arizona whose financial situation reaches the level at which they find it necessary to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, it must be understood that it is not just a matter of filing and having all debts discharged. It is possible that the creditors could object. The filing can be made by the debtor, the case's trustee, or a U.S. trustee. The creditors will be informed after the case has ...
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