Blog Posts in July, 2013

  • Beware of debt relief agencies as an alternative to bankruptcy

    Facing wage garnishment, creditor harassment and seemingly endless bills may be overwhelming for some Arizona residents and they may be willing to do anything to put at end to it. However, in an attempt to settle their debts, they may be turning to the wrong place for assistance, including an out-of-state debt-relief company that has been promising help to its customers, but may have been ...
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  • Singer settling debt after bankruptcy filing

    Struggling with personal finances is not easy, regardless of the debtor's profession or celebrity status. Many people who file for bankrupcy protection may not be willing to step forward and share their success stories of recovery after bankruptcy. But Arizona residents can turn to the lessons of celebrities to see that it is possible to regain control of their finances after filing for ...
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  • Heirs may inherit debt

    When Arizona residents think of people struggling with debt, they may think of people in their twenties and thirties, looking for jobs, trying to pay off college loans while paying credit card bills and mortgage payments. However, the surprising fact is that senior citizens are facing all these difficulties at an alarming level; between 2007 and 2011, 3.5 million loans held by people over the age ...
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  • Medical bills cause millions of bankruptcies

    When Arizona residents create their household budgets, they may try their best to keep some money aside for unexpected expenses. Unexpected expenses could cover many things, such as losing a job or a sudden death or illness in the family. According to a recent one of its kind study conducted by a price comparison website, approximately 10 million adults across the country with health coverage will ...
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