Blog Posts in December, 2015

  • What is unsecured debt?

    Dealing with financial challenges is not easy and constantly worrying about your budget and how to keep up with your minimum monthly payments can be stressful. Being burdened by debt and wondering how to make ends meet is not an ideal situation, but the reality is that in today's tough economic times, many people struggle to manage their debts. So, what does one do when they can't manage to pay ...
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  • New start in the New Year

    The New Year is almost open us, and many Arizona residents may have begun listing their resolutions and wondering how successful they will be in keeping to them. Those who pledge to spend less money and tear up their credit cards may not be able to follow those resolutions to the letter, which could leave them facing overwhelming financial challenges and uncertainty. What can these individuals do ...
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  • What are bankruptcy exemptions?

    Filing for bankruptcy can help the filing party enjoy a fresh financial start, however, individuals considering filing for Chapter 7 liquidation bankruptcy may feel anxious about the process and what will happen during it. It is important to understand when filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy relief that certain property can enjoy exemption from the Chapter 7 liquidation process. For filers who ...
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  • Helping clients rebuild credit after bankruptcy for years

    As discussed previously on the Mesa Arizona Bankruptcy Law Blog, using a credit card is much easier than paying it off- in fact it seems as if one forgets the hardship involved with paying off the credit card when they use it the next time. However, there comes a point when credit card debt is no longer something that can be waved off-creditors come knocking on the door, wage garnishment looms and ...
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