Blog Posts in February, 2013

  • Arizona considers revamping bankruptcy exemptions

    A person filing for bankruptcy in the state of Arizona generally doesn't have to give up everything he or she owns in order to get out of debt. The law spells out certain bankruptcy exemptions for such things as a homestead, up to a certain dollar amount. Arizona bankruptcy law also allows filers to keep up to $4,000 worth of personal property, though it is very specific about exactly what kinds ...
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  • Benefits of filing for bankruptcy

    Despite staggering debt, many Arizona residents may still be hesitant to file for bankruptcy because they are embarrassed to do so. Another misconception many people may have is that they lose everything by filing for bankruptcy, but the truth is that the only thing they debtors lose is most of their bills, wage garnishments and even endless creditor harassment. There is a long list of bankruptcy ...
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  • Federal agencies set to review debt collection policies

    When struggling with debt, Arizona residents may have been on the receiving end of creditor harassment phone calls both at home and at work, and even had their family members field calls from relentless creditors. Because of these practices, the government is now considering whether to overhaul the industry to provide some relief. However, Arizona residents have another option, personal ...
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  • New mortgage service rules may ease homeowner's concerns

    Finally the rules regarding mortgage services practices are set to change, and the new rules may go a long way in benefiting homeowners struggling with their mortgage payments. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's rules will force banks to take an active role in informing borrowers about their loan and provide them with greater protection if they find themselves in distress. The rules may ...
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