Blog Posts in January, 2015

  • Is harassment off-limits for debt collectors in Arizona?

    Arizona residents who have unpaid bills or who have been mistakenly listed as past due may have heard from debt collectors. A debt collector is someone who habitually collects debts that are owed to someone else. Collection agencies and companies that buy delinquent debts are examples of debt collectors. A debt collector uses various methods to try and collect the debt from debtors, but the Fair ...
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  • Liability for a deceased relative's debt

    Losing someone is difficult enough and leaves Arizona residents struggling to come to terms with their loss, but when debt collectors start knocking on the door to collect the deceased's debts from family members, it adds to the family member's distress. However, it is possible that Arizona residents in this situation are facing creditor harassment without actually being liable for the ...
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  • Get answers to your questions about bankruptcy asset forfeiture

    For Maricopa County residents facing financial challenges, one of the options for dealing with the problem is bankruptcy. For many folks, bankruptcy can be an effective way of dealing with an otherwise overwhelming debt situation. There is one concern that many people have with bankruptcy, however. You may have heard that some people may have to forfeit some of their assets as part of the debt ...
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