Blog Posts in November, 2012

  • Declaring bankruptcy to end creditor harassment

    Some Arizona residents may be familiar with the term "under collection," which means that companies have passed on their debt to collection agencies who then bombard debtors with harassing phone calls. At times, these collection methods amount to serious harassment but debtors may not know how to put an end to the barrage. Instead of considering filing for personal bankruptcy, an option that can ...
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  • CSI actor files for bankruptcy

    Anyone can land in a tough financial spot, whether they are an everyday Arizona resident or a television star. Unemployment has caused financial difficulties for many people, and while it is important to remain positive and await future opportunities, when a person's debts exceed their income and their house is in danger of going up for auction, they should know they have options that may wipe out ...
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  • Website offers co-signors for Arizonians with low credit scores

    Arizona residents may turn to Craigslist to sell furniture or find odd jobs to earn extra cash, but they may not be aware that borrowers may also turn to this popular website to find co-signors to qualify for a loan. Borrowers who do not have good enough credit to qualify for a loan on their own may utilize this option. One of the reasons their credit score may be lower is because they declared ...
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