Blog Posts in December, 2013

  • Bankruptcy preparing site files sloppy paperwork, case thrown out

    When overwhelmed with financial difficulties, some Arizona residents may consider filing for personal bankruptcy to wipe out most of their debts. Already strapped for cash, debtors may come across quick and easy options for filing for bankruptcy, and thinking they are legitimate, may turn to random websites for assistance. However, this cut-rate assistance may end up costing Arizona debtors even ...
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  • What happens when Arizona residents can't pay bills?

    With Black Friday sales behind Arizona residents, they may now be looking at their credit card bills and trying to remember why it is they bought so many things that they didn't need. Keeping up with the payment of these bills is important in order to keep debt down and avoid wage garnishment or repossession of assets. But what happens when it is no longer possible to make payments and bills start ...
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  • Arizona bankruptcies keep declining, but is that a good thing?

    Economists have different ways of looking at rates of personal bankruptcy. Obviously, people are more likely to have financial problems when the job market is bad and when they cannot afford to pay toward their home loans or credit card debt. All this means that bankruptcy rates may rise when the overall economy is weak. At the same time, a rise in bankruptcy rates can also be a sign of the health ...
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  • Tips for handling credit card debt during the holidays

    With the holiday season upon us, Arizona residents struggling to make ends meet may be worried about holiday shopping. Financial constraints may put a damper on holiday plans, and Arizona residents may turn to their credit cards to help ease the immediate financial burden. However, it is easy to overspend when using the credit card, and next year may bring with it high credit card bills that ...
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