Blog Posts in May, 2015

  • What do I need to submit to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

    Since last week's post on the Mesa Bankruptcy Law Blog centered around an allegedly fraudulent filing of a bankruptcy petition, this week let's take a minute to look at what documents must be filed along with a Chapter 13 bankruptcy petition to ensure no mistakes are made that could lead to problems in the bankruptcy process. The first thing you must do when filing for bankruptcy under Chapter 13 ...
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  • Arizonan alleged to have fraudulently filed for bankruptcy

    Though filing for bankruptcy offers debt relief to those who are facing financial challenges, many people hesitate to avail this federally guaranteed protection because they don't want to seem like they are taking advantage of the system. This may stop many deserving and hard working people from filing for personal bankruptcy, which could prevent them from starting their financial life afresh. ...
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  • Bankruptcy exemptions may be available to protect assets

    A number of people are likely aware that consumers have personal bankruptcy options available to them. Among personal bankruptcy options for consumers is Chapter 7 liquidation bankruptcy which is available in certain circumstances. Consumers considering filing for bankruptcy may wonder, however, what the process looks like and if any of their assets are protected from the bankruptcy process. In ...
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  • Arizona House bill may support credit debt collectors

    While other states are enacting legislation to protect their residents from illegitimate debt collecting practices, Arizona may be on the way to passing a law that would make it easier for debt collectors to collect questionable credit card debt. When Arizona residents do not pay their credit card bills, a secondary debt collector can purchase the debt from credit card companies. These secondary ...
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  • Is a lien discharged in bankruptcy?

    Readers familiar with the Mesa Bankruptcy Law Blog may be aware that foreclosure proceedings on a home are automatically stayed when they file for bankruptcy, but they may not be aware that a lien is a completely separate matter and is treated separately in a bankruptcy. A lien is a security interest against a property created by an agreement of parties. A mortgage would be an example. When an ...
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