Blog Posts in July, 2014

  • Lawsuit against debt collection agency may interest Arizonans

    Getting behind on payments is stressful enough without receiving constant reminders about it everywhere -- at home, at the office and even at friend's and family member's homes. Unfortunately, in this day and age, creditor harassment has become part and parcel of owing debt, and this creditor harassment often crosses the line into illegality. Arizona residents may not be aware that the federal ...
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  • How to rebuild credit after bankruptcy

    Arizona residents may have heard countless times about the potential damage that declaring bankruptcy can do to a person's credit report and score. This may be one of the reasons that people facing financial difficulties are reluctant to file for the protection bankruptcy has to offer. However, they should rest assured that it is possible to rebuild credit after declaring bankruptcy, as long as ...
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  • Are inherited IRAs exempt in bankruptcy filings in Arizona?

    Debtors struggling with their finances may have an Individual Retirement Account and be worried about what will happen to it if they declare bankruptcy. Generally, the assets accumulated in this account or in a 401(k)-style account are protected from creditors, and experts claim that the protections granted in Arizona are generally stronger than in many other states. What does this mean for ...
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  • Chapter 13 filing may prevent asset forfeiture

    Arizona residents struggling with debt may be aware that, in addition to the stress of paying off debt, they may also face creditor harassment, wage garnishment and fear of asset repossession. These burdens may end up being overwhelming, but it may be possible for Arizona residents to fight their way out from the debt by availing the options of personal bankruptcy in the form of Chapter 7 or 13 ...
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