Blog Posts in November, 2017

  • Debt Settlement is a Bad Alternative to Bankruptcy

    Despite popular belief, debt settlement is not a great alternative to filing for bankruptcy . Debt settlement give you the relief you are seeking, due to increased enforcement and regulation. Debt settlement is not consumer-friendly because there are a number of long-term consequences to settling one’s debt. In fact, there are also a number of hidden effects to settling one’s debt such as tax ...
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  • What You Need to Know About Filing for Bankruptcy Without an Attorney

    If you are filing for bankruptcy , you are likely already in an uncomfortable financial situation, which is why you may decide against hiring a Mesa bankruptcy lawyer. However, this is a serious mistake which has the likelihood of putting you in a worse situation than you were in before. While avoiding a lawyer may seem like a smart way to save money, the consequences of proceeding with a ...
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  • 6 Things You Should Not Do If You Are Considering Bankruptcy

    In some instances, bankruptcy may be the only solution for one’s current financial situation. When you do proceed with bankruptcy, it is important you do so as effectively and efficiently as possible. Avoiding some of the most common bankruptcy mistakes is essential, and our Mesa bankruptcy attorneys at the Law Offices of Campbell & Coombs P.C. will help ensure the process is successful. The ...
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