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  • Bankruptcy and a debtor's rights against creditor harassment

    Arizona residents on the receiving end of ceaseless phone calls from debt collectors and ignored requests to stop communicating may feel helpless. Struggling with both their debt and unfair debt collection process is overwhelming, and debtors may not be aware that they have rights against the debt collectors. Losing control of finances is understandable given the current economic climate, and ...
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  • Declaring bankruptcy to end creditor harassment

    Some Arizona residents may be familiar with the term "under collection," which means that companies have passed on their debt to collection agencies who then bombard debtors with harassing phone calls. At times, these collection methods amount to serious harassment but debtors may not know how to put an end to the barrage. Instead of considering filing for personal bankruptcy, an option that can ...
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  • Credit card debt collection flawed, may affect bankruptcy

    Arizona residents may remember the settlement money banks paid out for errors in the foreclosure process. Unfortunately, the same inaccuracy and flawed documentation seems to be plaguing the credit card debt collection process. With more people falling behind on their credit card payments, borrowers are behind by $18.7 million--roughly three percent of total credit card debt. Lenders are now ...
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  • Arizona residents: some tips to lower your medical bills

    You may have heard all the warnings to go over your medical bills carefully to ensure you aren't being double-charged for procedures and, to the extent possible, to get information about the true cost of your medicines, procedures and instruments so you can be in a better bargaining position. Unfortunately, staying on top of your medical bills does not always lower them -- an unexpected or serious ...
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  • Arizona residents with old debts can be protected from creditors

    Creditors and debt collectors in Arizona generally have a six-year time window in which they may sue debtors for nonpayment of credit card debt. The federal government is making moves to stop collection agencies from engaging in creditor harassment and pursuing lawsuits against debtors after this statute of limitations has expired. The Federal Trade Commission recently reached an agreement with ...
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