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  • Understand the difference between unsecured and secured debt

    One may think that all debt is equal and must be repaid to the creditors at the same pace and the same amount, but this is not true. Arizona residents may be surprised to hear that debt can be of two kinds, secured and unsecured, and both are treated differently, both by creditors and during bankruptcy proceedings. Credit cards and student loans are examples or unsecured debt. This debt is ...
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  • Filing for bankruptcy to avoid harassment, garnishment

    As Arizona residents get older, many have started planning their retirement. But a surprising new report by the Government Accountability Office reveals that debt among senior citizens has risen exponentially since 2005 and that a majority of that debt is related to student loans for senior citizen's own education rather than their children's. According to the report, debt held by Americans age 65 ...
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  • How soon are Arizona debts discharged after filing bankruptcy?

    With financial problems come added issues of wage garnishment, creditor harassment, threat of foreclosure and asset forfeiture. Burdened by debt, Arizona residents may be desperate to take concrete steps to wipe out most of their bills, and these issues simply compound the matter. This is why, once they make the decision to file for bankruptcy, either Chapter 7 or 13, they wonder when their debts ...
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  • Chapter 13 filing may prevent asset forfeiture

    Arizona residents struggling with debt may be aware that, in addition to the stress of paying off debt, they may also face creditor harassment, wage garnishment and fear of asset repossession. These burdens may end up being overwhelming, but it may be possible for Arizona residents to fight their way out from the debt by availing the options of personal bankruptcy in the form of Chapter 7 or 13 ...
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  • Arizona bankruptcy filings drop in 2013

    Last year proved to be better in terms of bankruptcy filings across the country, with total bankruptcy petitions dropping by 13 percent compared to 2012. The drop in bankruptcies was reflected in Arizona as well, with the number falling by 19 percent in the Arizona and Tucson area, according to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court. Bankruptcy filings started increasing right before the recession in 2007, ...
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  • What happens when Arizona residents can't pay bills?

    With Black Friday sales behind Arizona residents, they may now be looking at their credit card bills and trying to remember why it is they bought so many things that they didn't need. Keeping up with the payment of these bills is important in order to keep debt down and avoid wage garnishment or repossession of assets. But what happens when it is no longer possible to make payments and bills start ...
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