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  • Medical expenses lead as top cause for personal bankruptcy

    According to a study from 2013 by NerdWallet Health, medical bills are expected to be the number one cause of personal bankruptcies, surpassing both credit card debt and mortgage debt. Research shows that bankruptcies related to medical expenses happen to both people who are uninsured as well as those that are insured. Up to seventy-eight percent of people who file for personal bankruptcy because ...
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  • Working families hit hardest by medical debt, file for bankruptcy

    There are various reasons Arizonians file for bankruptcy, but they may all stem from the same root-total bills, whether they are medical, credit card or mortgage bills, are more than Arizona residents can manage and, according to a study conducted in 2009, the rising cost of medical care contributed to around 60 percent of personal bankruptcies. According to statistics, full-charges at hospitals ...
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  • Medical bills contribute to more than 50 percent of bankruptcies

    Despite the best-laid financial plans, an unexpected medical illness can wreak havoc on finances. Paying medical bills can exhaust Arizona residents both financially and physically and they may not be aware of their options in the face of overwhelming debt. Declaring bankruptcy, either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, may be one of the only ways to overcome financial challenges and wipe out many bills, ...
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  • Arizona residents: some tips to lower your medical bills

    You may have heard all the warnings to go over your medical bills carefully to ensure you aren't being double-charged for procedures and, to the extent possible, to get information about the true cost of your medicines, procedures and instruments so you can be in a better bargaining position. Unfortunately, staying on top of your medical bills does not always lower them -- an unexpected or serious ...
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  • New rules may mean lower medical bills for some in Arizona

    Readers of the Mesa, AZ, Bankruptcy Law Blog may have read the post "When unexpected events cause debt, consider bankruptcy filing," which discussed the turmoil that unexpected events can cause on finances. These unexpected events might include a sudden illness leading to medical bills that Arizona residents are not financially equipped to handle. As patients are struggling with their health ...
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