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  • Is harassment off-limits for debt collectors in Arizona?

    Arizona residents who have unpaid bills or who have been mistakenly listed as past due may have heard from debt collectors. A debt collector is someone who habitually collects debts that are owed to someone else. Collection agencies and companies that buy delinquent debts are examples of debt collectors. A debt collector uses various methods to try and collect the debt from debtors, but the Fair ...
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  • Chapter 13 filing may prevent asset forfeiture

    Arizona residents struggling with debt may be aware that, in addition to the stress of paying off debt, they may also face creditor harassment, wage garnishment and fear of asset repossession. These burdens may end up being overwhelming, but it may be possible for Arizona residents to fight their way out from the debt by availing the options of personal bankruptcy in the form of Chapter 7 or 13 ...
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  • What happens when Arizona residents can't pay bills?

    With Black Friday sales behind Arizona residents, they may now be looking at their credit card bills and trying to remember why it is they bought so many things that they didn't need. Keeping up with the payment of these bills is important in order to keep debt down and avoid wage garnishment or repossession of assets. But what happens when it is no longer possible to make payments and bills start ...
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